Generation Ami Title Track Song, Lyrics – Generation Ami Movie

Generation Ami Title Track Song Lyrics

Baba boleche aaro beshi, aro beshi
Maa porche montro
Aami bolechi Take it easy, Take it easy
I am not a jontro
Matha guje pore thaka chete khaowa syllabus-e
Parbona morte ami
Amar valo laga gulo ami bujhe gechi
Charbo na se paglami
Generation Ami, Generation Aami

Dicember-e jodi bristi hoto aar july maashe thanda
Tahole to aami bad boy hoye giye
Kortam na kono blunder
America jodi aaj goriber desh hoto
Africa hoto daami

Duniya chole hajar shorto niye
Haati palacche saper gorto diye
Ami result-e jholalei dosh amar
Chabkao joto khushi dao khota gulo
Theme geche dekho chokheder fota gulo
Thik pouchabo jekhanete amar jaowar
Generation Ami, Generation Aami

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